Two Bear Farm

Two Bear Farm doesn’t just pride themselves in growing nutritionally dense produce, but being a leader and a voice in the local organic farm movement.

Rebecca and Todd from Two Bear Farm needed a symbol which could serve as an emblem for the message they were hoping to spread: organic, local farms are the way of the future.

We poured over inspiration from the WPA movement, citing iconic images of farming and social reform.

Yet we also wanted to retain a ‘hand-drawn’ look and feel to communicate the personal relationship Two Bear Farm has with the local community. The revolution of local organic farms involves real people. Their brand needed to be strong, and not corporate.

The final logo is hand-drawn lettering and not based on an existing typeface. This makes it completely unique. It is a counter to the mass produced world of factory farms and big agriculture. The accompanying tractor icon adds to the concept of Two Bear Farm being part of a food revolution.

Food & Beverage

“My husband and I hired Highline to help us rebrand our farm after moving it to Whitefish from Eureka. It was not an easy task. We wanted to take an existing brand, Two Bear and add our own personality to it. They created a killer logo for Two Bear Farm. I was on the fence on if branding was important but I can say it is. We were so impressed with them, that we also hired them to brand & design our farm based food truck, Farmer and Chef. Once again, they nailed our concept with the most amazing logo and accessory graphics. I highly recommend Highline as graphic designers. Their designs are brilliant and original! Thanks guys!”

– Rebecca and Todd Ulizio
// Two Bear Farm, Owners

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