Sweetgrass Psychological

Logo, branding, and website for a leading therapy practice in the Flathead Valley.

Mental health care and mental health is a battleground for preconceived notions and judgement by popular culture. Sweetgrass approached us with an appeal to create a logo and brand that helped build acceptance and understanding around mental health and mental health care – especially within our mountain town region where suicide rates are alarmingly high. They also needed a website which was informative and easy to navigate, making it as easy as possible for prospective patients to receive help.

After a thorough brand research and strategy process, the Sweetgrass brand emerged as a calm, welcoming space that celebrates humanness and the acceptance that It’s okay to not be okay. Wellness is a journey, and Sweetgrass is a calm capable partner that can help lead the way.

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Breaking the stigma of therapy by building connections and relationships, with bold locally-based messaging.


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