Shawna Moore

The design for these booklets is minimalistic with lots of white space and delicate, light typography.

These design considerations were applied to keep the viewer’s attention firmly on the artwork, leaving the page layout as a backdrop. This is similar to the white, clean space of a gallery, where all focus is placed on the beautiful artwork being displayed.

Shawna Moore, a Whitefish based fine artist, produces striking encaustic paintings. Highline was brought on to create an annual retrospective publication of her artwork. We’re now onto our third edition.

Arts & Culture

I have had the pleasure of working withHighline over the course of several generations of projects. Their consistency and dependability is priceless! Once we established the scope of work, I could describe my ideas and they were confident to take the project from there. I don’t want or need endless questions and fine tuning. I need a product that I can slightly tweak (based on my initial vision) and then take to press. They filled any gaps that I left open and helped the project succeed. Their creativity is enough to create successful projects again and again.

Shawna Moore // Fine Artist // Whitefish, Montana
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