The Kalispell Parkline Trail

Naming, branding for a new urban public trail system 

Highline and our owners helped to plan this trail, we named the trail the “Kalispell Parkline”, & we developed the logo and brand system that will one day be applied. To say we’re committed to this place is an understatement.

Some conceptual planning we did on this project:

“This trail is a response to Kalispell’s position as the most livable town in the valley. This focuses on residents of today with needs based in the future.

Each generation leaves its mark, and Kalispell is fortunate to have a character defined by a stylistically rich history. We are here to define what Kalispell is now.

A contemporary Kalispell shows confidence in itself and in its future. It shows residents and visitors that we are building new infrastructure with modern amenities that will improve their quality of life and add to the livability of their town.”

Civic & PublicNon-Profit

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