Foy’s to Blacktail Trails at Herron Park

Foy’s to Blacktail Trails at Herron Park partnered with Highline in 2011. To help them raise their goal of $2.4 million we had to update their promotional collateral and transform the usability of the park through intentional way finding, signage, and maps. Five years later, their fund raising goal is met, 440 acres have been conserved, and park usage has risen by the thousands.

The Foy’s to Blacktail (FTBT) group is a 2.4 million dollar land conservation effort focused on preservation and recreation. We were contracted by FTBT to create a pamphlet map for the Herron Park trail system. This pamphlet would not only be used by visitors to the park, but would also serve as a key fundraising tool for the FTBT. The challenge was to create a piece that delivered information in an organized fashion, while at the same time celebrating the sense of fun and adventure that exists on the trail.

Working with the FTBT board of directors, we redesigned the map to simplify the complex network of trails, and created a color system to identify individual trails. GPS tracking was utilized to generate accurate trail lines and intersections.

Next up was trail signage. We needed to make the trails user-friendly and enjoyable, and enhance the visitors’ experience and commitment to the trails. Since soliciting donations for the Herron Park conservation effort was the Foy’s to Blacktail group’s goal, new and improved trail signage became a crucial next step. The challenge, however, was creating a signage system that could adapt as the trail system expanded, all while staying within budget. To keep costs down and allow for flexibility, we purchased affordable fiberglass posts and weather-proof decals for the main way finding signs. Intersection and infrastructure points are clearly marked through direction arrows and a color identity system. By limiting the amount of copy appearing on the signs, the user is left with a simple system of colors and icons, which makes better use of limited space and compliments the main map and pamphlet graphics.

Apart from the map redesign, signage and way finding of the trails, Highline has also partnered with FTBT to create merchandise, event identities, annual newsletters, informative trail signs as well as large interpretative panels showcasing the history of Herron park.

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“Highline helped redesign our user map, and developed the look of our first-ever approach to trail signage. They took the time to get to know us and our project, and they’ve since provided FTBT with a much needed eye for professional yet accessible materials. It’s an understatement to say that we’re pleased with the results of their work.”

– Clifford Kipp // Foy’s to Blacktail Trails, Board Chair

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