All Families Healthcare

Brand identity for a sexual and reproductive health clinic, dedicated to the values of social justice and inclusivity in NW Montana.

All Families Healthcare came to us with a vision to normalize reproductive healthcare in northwest Montana. After their original clinic was vandalized and they were forced to close for a few years, All Families approached us with the need to restart with a new brand strategy and visual identity. To reinforce their position as a safe space for all, and a bold player in the regional healthcare landscape, our team elected for a brand that was unapologetically optimistic, brave, and human. With a bright color palette, playful iconography and imagery, the new All Families brand strongly counters adversary with hope and strength.

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Our brand evokes the warmth and inclusivity that are at the heart of the clinic. Highline met with me a number of times to help me articulate what I wanted the ethos of the clinic to be and then they created graphics and a website to communicate that spirit to the public. They totally nailed it. Can’t recommend Highline Design more highly!

– Helen Weems // All Families Healthcare

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