Abbie Shelter

Logo, branding, and website for domestic violence organization.

The Abbie Shelter has been a critical ally for survivors of domestic violence in the Flathead Valley since their inception in 1976. Yet their brand did not tell the story of a committed organization with a network of volunteers and staff members devoted to the safety of the vulnerable population they serve. Furthermore, even though the Abbie Shelter offers many services, they were stuck with the notion that they were just a shelter (because of the name they were now tied to). When the Abbie Shelter approached Highline with these concerns, we were excited to step in and help.

Our resulting brand strategy and design positioned the Abbie as a positive, confident partner where survivors can find safety and empowerment. 

With the new brand in place, Highline worked to create an easy-to-navigate website where visitors can quickly and easily navigate through the many resources the Abbie Shelter offers.  

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“The Abbie has had a thriving few years with unsolicited gifts from the community, and we truly think that our website has a lot to do with it. People hear about us, or they research the local domestic violence organization, and our website brings legitimacy, credibility, and heart. You’ve made a real difference for us. Thank you so much!”

– Hilary Shaw // The Abbie Shelter

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